Vivid Sydney 2015

Vivid Sydney 2015

If you come to Sydney during this period, the Light, Music & Ideas Festival held annually lights up the whole city! It’s a festival like you’ve never seen!

Very image heavy.

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Hello, how are you?


My memories of Japan are slowly getting buried

I am back in Sydney, Australia. I’m experiencing reverse culture shock and many ups and downs, mainly tied to the fact that I hit the ground running in panic towards what, I have no idea.

I didn’t complete my final report on time, so that impeded the past couple of months for me, in between the haphazard packing of boxes upon boxes back home. I shipped everything back by SAL so although everything has returned to me already, my wallet is very sore for it. I had bought way too much, going from my origami paper collection to my clothes. I had clothes for all four seasons to send back… Japan is a great place for shopping for things I like haha;;;

Don’t read the rest, I was honestly just waffling feels. I have warned you.

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Tooshiya At Sanjusangendo And A Flea Market in Kyoto City

You can get more than one activity done in a day, if you try really hard to forget about your impending descent into madness from stress of an assignment you can’t manage to put together. They really should have made it due in December.

On Sunday, it was the 65th National Tournament at Sanjusangendo Temple, Kyoto. Basically there are two halves, the major event which is where all the kyuudou kids that celebrated their Coming-of-Age ceremonies last week (which was the 12th, a Monday that got turned into a public holiday) were able to come all dressed up in formal kimono and do some kyuudou. People from all over the country came, just to shoot a pair of arrows. That they would most likely miss by miles, because the shooting range was really, really long. BUT THAT’S BESIDE THE POINT. They were all youngins’, bright eyed and hopeful and sleepy as hell in the freezing cold… Wow it’s not easy to be positive when I’m stressed lmao…

There was second half that I didn’t stick around for, which would have been the experienced sensei and muchly revered and people holding positions of authority within the kyuudou association for their skill to shoot at those targets so very far away. And I bet a lot of them would have been able to hit with ease, considering that they have much stronger bows than 20 year olds are likely to be using. Oh well. They’re also much more interesting to watch than the 20 year olds, if you have done kyuudou before.


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